Gratitude Journal Day #270: Thursday, 7/1/21

DAWG. July 12th.

3.) Enjoyed my Date-At-Home – Just she and I, movies, episodes, old stuff, new stuff, she read pieces when I couldn’t, I talked, she listened. Good stuff. I don’t know what or how she felt but I settled somethings. *dusts hands*

2.) Skipping meds again – Yesterday was a rotation of pain, blurry, open, closed, eye patch on and off, off and on. I never took meds and I was able to manage it with cannabis. I did get a BM (S/O to the Sweet Potato Smoothie!). My goal is working a complete shift and I’m grateful for the confidence. I’m REALLY grateful for the BM and hope I can get more today. 🀞🏾

1.) Kids BACK! – My parents are bringing them which saves us time and money and working days. My folks been bragging on how well they behaved and I know they’re have stories like a mug. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘‘

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