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Gratitude Journal Day #276: Wednesday, 7/7/21

3.) Sold my first audiobook – Woo Hooo! I’m on my way. 👏🏾 My 1st sale gives me confidence to keep going. The buyer even left a personal message about me being an Inspiration to others. That kind of affirmation sticks to me all day! 💪🏾

2.)  Toothpaste – Not just any old toothpaste. Not my favorite toothpaste either. I got my first sensitive toothpaste because my teeth are sensitive. 👎🏾Grateful TODAY should be easier but REALLY grateful that I only had to ask once. More than that makes a King feel like a burden or something and I ain’t got time for that nonsense today.

1.) Tech Issues – Out of my 9-hour shift, I worked FOUR due to tech issues. *pumps fist* THAT gave me time to fix up my IG, rest and better my mobility. (Yoga. It means I was doing yoga, on the clock ⏰ to loosen my joints.) I finally ate a real lunch. Tech Issues are my JAM Dawg!

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