Gratitude Journal Day #279: Saturday, 7/10/21

Start TODAY. Three years, we’re heading to freaking ECUADOR 🇪🇨!!

3.) Favorite BEER – Time to CELEBRATE! No more Customer Service Representative calls with Wellcare and I am cutting LOOSE! THE Queen scooped my KARBACH Crawford Bock, craft, made in Texas. Grateful for the beer because I deserve a buzz. I deeeeserve the get a LITTLE plastered and offset the Spondylosis pain. Shhhhhiiiiiiiiid. 😑 I am! Slept the latest I’ve slept since starting this job! 🍻

2.) AUTHENTIC phone charger – This is my third charger since getting the new phone in March. THIRD. The first two were bargains, straight outta the discount store, $5 Below.  This authentic charger is 10ft long so I can move around, sit in different areas while charging. It charges it fast as heck too. That gives me ample time to get around, finish stuff and NOT even need a charger. OH! This mug is red and black too; those are my doggone brand colors as well. *tips hat*

1.) BEST vitamins refilled – Magnesium for the spasms? ✅ Vitamin D3 for bones and overall health? ✅ B-12 for energy? ✅ Look, these three are my best, not my favorite. It is imperative that I rock Ecuador 🇪🇨 with the most equipment I can muster because WE going whether I can everything properly address or NOT. These three are a great start and I’m READY buuuuuuut… If anyone wants to help, donate and support this adventure…

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PayPal: agentofgratitude

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