Gratitude Journal Day #290: Wednesday, 7/21/21

Huuuuump Day!!

3.) Downloaded Spanish Dictionary – FINALLY remembered to download it! We’ve been here a full, whole 7 days and I only remember to download it when we don’t have Wi-Fi. 🤦🏾‍♂️That has put us in plenty jams and stalled out plans. I got it now tho and can’t wait to impress somebody by completing a full sentence. Our goals are grocery shopping tomorrow, running by the Mall for a cellphone repair and setting things up like we LIVE here instead of touring and visiting.

2.) Made it to the REAL beach – Everything was different than Galveston. Number one, it was clean. Number two, it was a hustler’s paradise of entrepreneurs and shops. (I prefer that to the chain markets.) I got bust in the back of my head by a soccer ball ⚽️ and right way I thought, “Whew! It wasn’t my glasses!”. Maaaaaaan, a King is grateful because he needs all the vision help possible.

1.) My eldest busting her HUMP to help – *loud clapping* Gotta give her MAJOR props for all the interruptions in her day. Each time, she stopped whatever she was doing to do stuff for us, certificates, signatures, accounts, submissions. *bows* Biiiiiig thanks because without her help, we have even MORE issues.

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