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Gratitude Journal Day #322: Sunday, 8/22/21

Apologies and more!

3.) Officially terminated – It sounds bad. Let me explain WHY I’m grateful. I can use a lawyer now for discrimination investigation because as much as I talk my, I do NOT want to do this alone.

2.) Smino – Yoo! This music is JAMMING. It absolutely changed my whole mood for the better. Check it out and yes, it is explicit.


1.) Neighbors checking on me – I got a text from my neighbors. “Bro, we heard something fall and thought it came from your garage. You okay?”.

I’m fine but that kinda stuff… *sniff* That sticks with you throughout the day. That makes you feel like you matter just a little bit more, that people SEE you, LIKE you, want you to BE better. It empowers you. #SaluteMyAssOff and thank you bro!

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