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allthingsonelove 5-star Product Review: Cloud N9ne syrup (Watermelon flavor 😉)

How did I hear about it?

One of my former students told me all about it! Daaaaaawg, I knoooow! 🤜🏾🤛🏾🤣🤣🤣 He was curious about it as a product for his clients with chronic illnesses and wanted an honest review. Me being the HELPFUL muthafugga that I am, offered to do a test run and *voila* here we are.

What is it?

Okay, get ready for this. People ask, “what is Delta-8? What is Delta-9? What’s the BIG hype with it all?” The things are the cannabinoids on THC. Delta-8 grows on CBD but in such small amounts, it doesn’t show up on drug tests. Delta-9 grows on cannabis. The syrup is derived from the stronger Delta-9 and used with drinks (Remember waaaaaaay back in the 90s? Early 2000s? Codeine and Sprite?). It’s supposed to relax you, lowers anxiety.

MY usage & thoughts

I have a few incurable diseases and the heavyweight is Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I don’t have healthcare, haven’t taken prescription drugs or DMDs since 3/1/17. My LIFE depends on my ability to manage stress, hit curve balls and make the crucial 3rd down catch. I do this with yoga, meditation, drinking enough water, diet changes, and the off-the-reservation alternative treatments like cannabis, kratom, CBD and the Delta-8/9 products.

2.) Tried the Cloud N9ne Watermelon syrup – Courtesy of _vibeshouston. First thought? Flavor was cool with a Red Bull. It didn’t overpower the beverage itself. I did a 1/4oz (about half the recommended dosage) with a 12oz Bull and enjoyed the low grade, low key, indica-ish buzz. It did make me a little drowsy but nothing I couldn’t handle. I’m already excited about the prospect of it as a sleep aid or even a “chill pill” before long drives of 30+min and school events. THAT should drastically reduce the spasms and allow me to attend more stuff. I won’t be anxious about RR issues, how people view me, etc. #SaluteMyAssOff because a full blog post is coming!

My INITIAL reviews…

It got good when I used 1oz syrup in a 12oz Red Bull. I was hyper, up, awake but still cool. I was definitely sleepy. That really stood out, how sleepy I was. Later that week, I used 2oz and mixed it with a 20oz Red Bull. *mindblown* Duuuuude, I felt low-key excited. Real deal, excited. Plus, I was awake. Wiiiide awake. I was like that for 3 or 4 hrs, ended up getting deep AF into themes and web page designs. Normally, I can’t stand that kind of stuff but crunk on syrup and Red Bull, I was learning and grooving, enjoying everything.

You can purchase this and OTHER CBD products HERE at VibezHouston

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