Gratitude Journal Day #331: Tuesday, 8/31/21

Tuesday feels a LOT better than Monday went. Alright, Gratitudes on deck.

3.) Tryouts got moved to TODAY – I’m not even the one trying out for basketball and I’m happy about this. Nope, none of us can come watch. πŸ™„ We’ll make him too nervous. I get that, I really do. The Gratitude is that we were running late on Monday AM and he would have missed it. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ All I can do is wake people and shouldn’t have that job because of cellphones and alarm clocks. I’m sending good game via meditation because the dude wants this bad. 🀞🏾

2.) NEW potty position – Can’t believe I’m still finding better positions for using the potty. I have a potty stool and it is crazy helpful. The position doesn’t require it. I’ve found that sitting forward, leaning just a tad bit forward and closer to the front gives me more effective BMs. When I’m struggling with #1, I can use my arms to keep my legs from crossing too tight and BOOM πŸ’₯, I can get that out. Y’all think I’m playing but I JUST put these tricks together. This PPMS is advancing and I gotta switch my routines up to keep up.

Finished this over 3 days. Ooooo….

1.) Finished Clickbait (Netflix, 2021) – It was worth 8 episodes. Really. I liked it THAT much. I’m grateful it was good but writing a blog about it felt like using OLD muscles! Wow. I didn’t realize I was falling off like that so I’m super duper, cool beans with the thoughts of catching up on blog posts. *sigh* Like finally doing my official Ecuador πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¨ post.

My review of Clickbait

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