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allthingsonelove 3-star Movie Review: Kate (Netflix, 2021)

Kate – I’m saying I won’t write a whole post because it wasn’t good enough across all fronts. I AM grateful that it woke me up last night. I don’t know HOW many times I exclaimed, “WHOA. DAMN. JEEEEZ.” I made it through a SECOND movie off the hype of Kate! Know what? I probably will write that full post.

Except from my 9/10/21 Gratitude Journal

How I found it.

Suggested from Netflix. It wasn’t suggested directly to me but the big, overall, new-to-Netflix when you turn it on. I’ve been SEARCHING for a good, high-paced action that prioritizes action scenes to action stars or even storyline. I want pure action.

Why I wanted to watch it.

The written description hit all markers. The only “star” was Woody Harrison and his stuff is pretty consistent. I’m a fan of female led action films too.

What stood out.

ACTION. Action, action and more action. I like exotic chase scenes, key word being EXOTIC. This delivered that exotic scene early in the film. The way it was filmed was brand NEW to me. Her fight scenes were well-orchestrated too.

Final Thoughts…

This film was very predictable. Nothing surprised me, NOTHING. I knew who would double cross who. I knew who would die. There were no shockers. By the same token, the movie was EXACTLY what I wanted, EXACTLY what I was looking for. I didn’t want top notch actors, the best script, mind-blowing plot twists. I demanded action, well-timed, eye-popping action. I got it too. I started the movie sleepy AF but the fight scenes and easy-to-follow storyline… *whistles* Yuuuuup. I woke the hell up! I didn’t back to sleep either. 🤜🏾🤛🏾👍🏿

Mid B (81)

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