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Gratitude Journal Day #345: Wednesday, 9/15/21

It has been a awhile buuuuut….

To my Tribespeople. *bows*

3.) No Hangover – I celebrated. I celebrated HARD as a muthafugga. I awake with little sleep, on time, NO hangover. I don’t even remember what a hangover feels like but I’ve been bred to believe that if you don’t stop drinking, hangovers don’t show up. Regardless, I’ll be good enough percent to knock off training without missing a beat. 😉🤣

2.) Everyone home safe – Not only was I good, everyone else made it home safe so we can do it A-GAIN! ‘I know. EASY Gratitude huh?’

1.) Drug Test – I was probably doing TOO much trying to lock down a 3rd work-from-home gig. This one was intense. They offered $17/hr but I DEMANDED $22. We settled on $20/hr. They offered $750 – $1500 in bonuses but I negotiated it to $1500 – $3000. Benefits and insurance were included. It was all good until the LAST step was a drug test. DRUG TEST? For work-from-home? Maaaaaaaaan, I’m grateful this killed my opportunity. It forces me to calm down, sit down, learn and master my craft at ONE, or two places. I can do that. Waaaay less stressful. 🤫

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