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Gratitude Journal Day #359: Wednesday, 9/29/21

5.) Agency of Gratitude Challenge – *DEEEEEEEP BREATHE* 30 days. *shakes shoulders*

4.) Dropped ol’ Negative Nancy – I spent waaay TOO much time agonizing over this. Negative Nancy is a fellow MS’er. She takes the OPPOSITE approach to handling her MS as me. What gets her blocked is her stubborn efforts to make ME think more the negative thoughts and BULL-shit in life, symptoms, politics, car wrecks, Haiti 🇭🇹, sex trafficking, EVERY-thing and ANY-thing negative. She asserts that my approach, Gratitude Journal and stuff, is toxic positivity. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣 It was her… what… third time? I do NOT need, want, deserve that distraction of my energy and intent. Out she goes. I feel GREAT about that too. #focus

3.) NEW gig is taking me back – I am not shocked that my current gig wants a drug test. I TOLD them I wouldn’t pass. Yoo, this cannabis is my medicine and I will not quit for a J-O-B (Just Over Broke) making $18/hr. That being said, *straightens shirt* I was told I’d be good if I had paperwork proving my ‘situation’. I got that so the pressure & threats to do it immediately or be fired is… wack. 🙄

Cool beans. I already got ANOTHER gig making $19/hr doing the same shit. Grateful because I won’t miss a beat. 🤜🏾🤛🏾👑

2.) NEW way home – Yaaaay! I had all kinds of new, different thoughts as we took a new route home! Saw the neighborhood development, waved at folks and put together some new concepts of parenting dem kids. *rubs hands*

1.) Got equipment returned – ✅ Dawg. I been trying to return stuff for a solid week! Whew. The company even direct deposited 1/2 my paycheck. #PaidBills

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