Gratitude Journal Day #395: Thursday, 11/4/21

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3.) Trying something different – I’ve written a few blogs on managing my stomach and bladder issues. The latest battle is consuming entirely too much of my attention and energy. 🀞🏾 I’m breaking down to try some over-the-counter antacids. Grateful my wife is home today and willing to scoop them while taking kids to school.

link to article

6 ways to manage bladder and stomach issues

2.) I have beer to help with pains! – Yesterday, I started with vodka. It helped. Today, beer is here. I know it won’t help erase the pain but it will set my mood and allow me to work and think. I got plans to put M.O.B. University to paper and redo M.Y.C.O.W. I can work through the pain because it aligns with passion and purpose but a playa needs SOME-thing to focus.

1.) Wife cooked and left a sweet potato – This is HUGE because that Sweet Potato Smoothie has  been my consistent ally by producing bowel movements.

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