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Disabled BUT… Episode 10: E10: Interview w/ former student Isaias V. of  

E10: Interview w/ former student Isaias V. of  

Who is he…

Isaias is a former student from my 7th and 8th classes. We’ve never lost contact and when I was an AVID teacher, he would speak to my classes as a guest speaker of the high school levels. Yup, he was been by the house, knows my kids, wife, the whole nine. The man is family, BEEN family.

Why I’m interviewing him…

I rock and roll this chronic illness, autoimmune disease, whatever called Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Isaias owns a CBD shop,, with products specifically for people dealing with chronic illnesses. Yup, he hooked me up. Damn right, it worked. You can check my blog on my favorite product of his, Cloud N9ne Watermelon Syrup.

Topics we bounce around…

• 1st 2min – Kids. Well, my kids because he is still free. *winks*

• 2nd 5min – The good, ol’ days of teaching

• 3rd, 7min – How we handled being fired

• 4th, 13min – The WHY of his CBD shop, 

• 5th, 18min – My personal favorite product, Cloud N9ne Watermelon Syrup

• 6th, 25min – Delta-8 gummies and joints vs. CBD gummies and joints 

** This is just episode one of THREE that will be released every Wednesday.** 

*fist bump*

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