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Gratitude Journal Day #461: Sunday, 1/9/22


Wanna FEEL better? Fill up somebody else. #allthingsonelove

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3.) Friday Night Gratitudes – This is gonna be a regular Clubhouse (CH) so get ready folks! I’m not waiting, pairing, tag teaming, nothing. Not pushing or peddling, straight up visibility & experience. I want to build my community and this is another step.

Yoo! Swanging & banging on the 1s and 2s, allow ME to introduce WHY stories of Gratitude. Sharing WHY you’re grateful forces you to consider a positive perspective and BE better. #allthingsonelove

CH link to Friday Night Gratitudes

2.) Look how GRATITUDE works! – I’ve BEEN saying I want to do vision boards all YEAR. I’m actively stepping into the world of Twitter, dropping several other platforms. It wasn’t coincidence that I see this FIRST thing this AM. Shit happens FOR me, not to me. I already sent her message and everything. 🤜🏽🤛🏽🤎🖤👑

1.) My Momma schooled me this morning – Dawg. 😕. I am still struuuuggling with this iPhone. Correcting the typos got much better when my Mom told me the tip about holding the space bar and then moving cursor. #mindblown. (I’ve used on THIS blog post! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.

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