Gratitude Journal Day #462: Tuesday, 1/11/22


It’s you & dem kids for a loooong time. #allthingsonelove

♬ original sound – kendrickavant

20 Questions to ask YOUR kids after school

3.) We get laptops – This is a solid reason why I’m liking the new J-O-B. Laptops make things sooooo much stuff easier and I’m all about that easier life. *winks*

2.) Yoga Mat Cleaner/Refresher – I didn’t even know I needed yoga mat cleaner until it was gifted to me! *shamed* Tell you this, using it makes a playa wanna do MORE yoga because you feel fresh your damn self! S/O to my 1st Adult for looking out for me. Again, I didn’t there was a cleaner and didn’t know I needed it. LMAO!! Starting my day extra clean.

1.) Truth feeling better – *crowd cheers* Yaaaay! (After all, I can’t do anything but call someone else. Good he’s feeling better because I was getting stressed.)

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