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allthingsonelove 5-star Review: ErmaRose Winery (Katy, TX)

LOVED it!!

What it is.

A BLACK-owned winery. Yes. Black-owned. Started by two Queens. Erma and Rose. The story is special, full of family, individual success and dogged determination. Part of the ambiance was our server. She was freaking OUT-standing as she blew us away with story after story, detailing the history of the establishment, how the founders overcame distractions and hatred. We ate it all up. We even met the man behind the wines, the guy who MAKES the wines. I felt like I was meeting a rock star.

Which wines did WE leave with?

Blackberry – Blackberry is my favorite fruit. Hands down, no alternatives needed, my absolute favorite. Seeing it was the introduction to the night, I KNEW it was gonna be good. It was and 11% alcohol set everything off perfect.

When you’re hungry…

Food trucks. That BBQ one was legendary good. All my crew talked about the tenderness of the brisket, the pop of the potato salad. Coming with old school light bread was a benefit too. That elevated the authenticity of the entire experience!

LIVE bands

On weekends, it gets even BETTER. Wine, music, fires… It was like living a scene from a romantic movie.

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