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Gratitude Journal Day #489: Tuesday, 2/8/22

4.) Bastards of the Party – The documentary coincided with my move to Houston, Texas. A fresh faced, dedicated educator with his own gangsta stories and thugged out crew facing multiple prison stints. This documentary elongated my patience working with inner city youth, surrounded by violence and lost in piss-poor decisions. I didn’t know and I spent my entire teaching career spreading the word.

3. The BOSS Twitter thread still visible – Everytime I start looking at this thread, I’m trapped reading. I’m grateful for another medium, platform, to highlight the gang issue. How, WHY it started. WHERE to get help.

2.) I won’t cry today. I’m too busy! – This to me is about ME, MY improvement, MY strength. I’m not crying over being downstairs and fearing what COULD happen. First time in a loooooong time. SHIT I’m grateful for another step towards a stronger, more positive mindset. 🤜🏽🤛🏽🤎👑

1.) UnitedBlackLibrary follows ME! – And they followed me FIRST! Affirmation homie. Plain, pure, received and invested.

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