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Interview: Sheree Carara

Interview w/ Sheree Carara

Who is she…

Sheree is a healer, poet, author but most importantly, she THRIVES despite the autoimmune disease, Multiple Sclerosis. 

Why I’m interviewing her…

She and I met in a Multiple Sclerosis support group. From afar, we’ve followed each other’s journey and struggle to rebuild our lives. In consultations, we’ve traded wellness routines and health tips. Now, with her first book freshly published, I am honored to interview and showcase her knowledge on THIS platform!

Topics we bounce around…

• 1st – I start toooo excited and forget to introduce her. *shamed*

• 2nd – her INTRO

 • 3rd – her book, Guru Girl (Yup, thats the Amazon link)

 • 4th – her MS story

• BREAK –  

• 5th – using her book to heal and work through the emotions of chronic illness

 • 6th – Marriage & Multiple Sclerosis 

 • 7th – finding your voice, strength, rhythm and TRAVELING despite handicaps

 • BREAK – Break Out The Popcorn commercial 

 • 8th – Advice on relationships while dealing with chronic illness

• 9th – How diet HURTS family relationships 

• BREAK -allthingsonelove commercial

• 10th – Mushrooms


• 11th – Why isn’t cannibus considered plant medicine?

• 12th – How I treat myself

ENDING allthingsonelove infomercial

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Her contact information

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