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Gratitude Journal Day #526: Friday, 3/18/22

4.) Started with grapes – Oooo! Grateful because I ate a BUNCH, on purpose, with hopes of spurring bowel activity. #success

3.) Pay-for-reels? – Yuuuuuup! It is true! This is score for anyone disabled and holding a phone. I’m definitely gonna register. Matter fact…


2.) NEW lighters – I needed some lighters because I ran out. Like all FOUR of mine were empty than a mug. 🤷🏾‍♂️👏🏽. GREAT thing my Queen zoomed in with replacements in an hour. As of this posting, I’m fully operational!

1.) 1st adult looking out – She is on the verge of moving up in my “rankings” of people caring for me. What has she been doing? #1, speaking more. More to ME specifically which makes me feel comfortable asking for help.

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