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Interview w/ Houston rap artist, SupaWavvy Shawney


Who is he…

Shawn is a former student turned community hero, musician and activist. He stopped by mindset OVER bullshit University to discuss his latest album, Rise to Fame.

Why I’m interviewing him…

Shawn is a true entrepreneur from the moment he graduated high school. I’ve followed his growth across FB and IG, participated in the podcast promos, shared the community events and of course, jammed TF out of his music.

Topics we bounce around…

• 1st – HIS intro

• 2nd – Handling the criticism of family as you hunt dreams and passions

 • 3rd – What got him into music?

 • BREAK –  30sec of his song Ball

• 4th – What got him into community activism?

 • 5th – What inspired his podcast? 

 • 6th – Turning the gangsta off.

 • BREAK – 30sec of his song Ball 

 • 7th – E-commerce, drop shipping, etc.

 • 8th – SPORTS!!

 – D. Watson

 – B. Mayfield

 – R. Wilson 

  • BREAK – 30sec of his song Ball

• 9th – Laker talk 

ENDING music

Rise to Fame album (available on YouTube)

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