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Kendrick Avant Interviews: Devin Mailey

Kendrick Avant Interviews: Devin Mailey

Who is he…

Devin is a recent graduate of North Carolina A&T

Why I’m interviewing him…

I met the King on Clubhouse is some business room. When I heard him speak about his drinking game, Up To It, Down To It, I HAD to know more. See, people hunting those kinds of dreams, going outside the box to create their own lifestyle… That kind of shit takes my mind off the bullshit!

Topics we bounce around…

• 1st – HIS intro

• 2nd – His HBCU story, the influence… (HBCU = Historically Black College & University)


• 3rd – HBCUs and pro sports 

 • 4th – What inspired his drinking game, Up To It, Down To It


 • 5th – How he handles the stress and pressure of entrepreneurship, relationships, etc.

 • 6th – HBCUs vs. regular school experience


• 7th – Gratitudes 

ENDING with mindset OVER bullshit University introduction!

Kendrick Avant is an Inspirational Speaker and mindset teacher flying with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. He lives mindset OVER bullshit by writing out Gratitudes every day, speaking on the power and influence of Gratitudes to improve perspectives and confidence despite disabilities or limitations. For more on the how and WHY Kendrick Avant, click this sentence.

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