Gratitude Journal Day #554: Saturday, 4/16/22

3.) Kid #4 FIRST soccer game! – I’m sooo grateful it well by how she felt, the excitement she showed, playing through a scraped knee… 👏🏽👏🏽. I LIKE that. We had fun and them winning vs. a bigger, older team was awesome. I wasn’t tripping on spasticity the whole time.

2.) mindset OVER bullshit Gratitude Journal Challege is OFFICIAL! – Y’all know what this about. ME reaching the people! 😉🤣

1.) BIG fun last night wiiiiiiith… – I don’t see my squad but once per season. Last night, I did. Shenanigans, stories and an opportunity to wear the new mindset OVER bullshit University t-shirts. Yuuuuuuup, an entire night of fun and positive distractions.

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