4/17/22 mindset OVER bullshit Newsletter

mindset OVER bullshit Newsletter

*a blueprint to BE better despite all the stressors*  4/10/22 

1.) Quote to kick things off for the week!

Our greatest glory is not never falling. It is rising after every fall.


This quote is littered across Pinterest, IG and anything related to motivation.

Managing Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis leaves me at the mercy of falls, trips, tumbles and accidents. Each time, I’ve been able to shake it off, take a timeout and bounce back pretty quick. ( Not those two after falling off the toilet tho. 👀) It safe to assume that Multiple Sclerosis was not the inspiration for these words. 😉. Nooo. Confucius spoke to the hearts of [people] that he feared would lose confidence. His words meant for them to continue despite losses, lessons and tribulations. He wanted those to lift their spirit in unity, stronger and fortified in the belief that their bounce back is better than a setback.

2.) Where to participate in mindset OVER bullshit University discussions…

▪ Monday 4/18/2022 Clubhouse (9 – 9:30a CST) –  F these disabilities! I had an 

AWESOME weekend!

▪ Manifesting Freeway (CH room modded by Master Mathura. My first time modding with hi

▪ Thursday 4/21/2022 IG (12p CST) – Throwback Thursday story

▷ Clubhouse! 6pm but I can’t remember room name.

▪ Friday 4/22/2022 Clubhouse (10a CST) – FLY Friday! Come in your BESTEST imagination gear and let’s celebrate our Wins, share what lessons were learned and above it everything… #mindsetoverbullshit FREEBIE is new GJ

** Saturday 4/23/2022 mindset OVER bullshit University 12p 12 yoga poses for those who can get on floor.

3.) Who will be honored this week for grinding, growing & glowing?

Single Queens raising kids! *bows* We continue with an interview of DeShontay Lewis, licensed healthcare agent.

Why I’m interviewing her…

We met in September 2020 when I got my first work-from-home gig. She and I immediately connected and I’ve held her close ever since. Even my WIFE is cool beans with me speaking her name so much!

To listen or watch interviews with Kendrick Avant, click here

4.) Queens ask that we consider…

The sunlight is peeking through the clouds as you gaze out the window. You roll on your back and pay absolutely no attention to your cell phone. You stretch deep, lazy and smile about last night’s shenanigans. People have no idea how a simple conversation can lead to incredible adventures, mysterious attractions and… It was an amazing night but it can’t compare to that sunlight. You follow it’s bright path upwards of the ceiling, realize the ceiling is lowly humming and blink the last images of dreams away. What an amazing night but that sunlight. *dap*

What will YOU examine this week? What part of your life is the bright sunlight?

5.) MY Gratitude Journal entry (4/15/2022)

3.) Devin Mailey interview – Number one, I got it done. 👏🏽. Number two, it ended up being a HBCU interview which I been wanting but had no idea when. 😉. Number three, the audience for this episode. New crowd means new visitors means increased visibility. ✅. Last? Yup, I got FOUR Gratitudes outta this one. I’m officially releasing all interviews as podcasts now, audio only (Haaay LinkedIn!), AND those are titled, Kendrick Avant Interviews. 👑♿️. Y’all know what’s up. Rebranding continues!

2.) We saw Batman! – Maaaaaaaan, neither of us liked it. 🤷🏾‍♂️. Too long. The Batman actor wasn’t believable. Alfred looked more Batman-ish than Batman! I’m grateful we got that time alone, my son and I. Really grateful because I want to talk and pick his brain about goals, comics, we spoke to a manager about employment… 🤜🏽🤛🏽

1.) mindset OVER bullshit Gratitude Journal Challenge – *peeking for haters* Psss… lean in closer. You KNOW I’m disabled. Ain’t noooobody trying to KISS you. I wanna tell y’all FIRST, before IG, before the blog post, before my Momma… 

Mindset OVER bullshit Gratitude Journal Challenge!! 

Trying to BE better despite the stressors with family and employment starts on Monday, 4/18/22, 8pm CST. Join by following me on ANY of these THREE platforms…

Facebook Business Page: @mindsetoverbullshit

YouTube: Kendrick Avant

Instagram: @agentofgratitude

*read MINE*

*WATCH mine*

6.) Food-IS-Medicine Tip! (I tried it myself and LOVED it!)

Homemade CBD gummies for sleep 

HOW it helped: I didn’t get anything from these, pain relief, sleep, mood, nothing. My wife likes it a lot and reported great successes. 🤷🏾‍♂️✍🏾

7.) What I’m jamming while working to stay cool beans and rocking in a good mood.

Music to change your mood

8.) The 5 levels of help under Kendrick Avant

HOW I can help others struggling with low confidence, shitty energy and a piss poor perspective.

Last week: 4/10/22

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