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Gratitude Journal Day #557: Tuesday, 4/19/22

3.) Ultimatum – Yoo. Bro, bruh, playa… This mug takes OFF and doesn’t disappoint. We’ve been binging and the shockers, twists, freaking HURTS are non-stop. Congratulations for a series that sure distracted me from Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

2.) Manifesting Expressway – *pops collar* Aight, da lil’ homie aka ME was invited to try out being a moderator for the Manifesting Expressway Club on Clubhouse (CH). I’m excited and grateful because these rooms are where my experience and dedication to #selfcare really shine. In other words, I be dropping #valuebombs. 😉♿️

Direct link to room

1.) FINALLY got mindset OVER bullshit University going again – Maaaaaaan, that felt so damn good. Wow. *tips hat* Tonight, 8:30pm will be even BETTER.

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