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Kendrick Avant Interviews: DeShontay Lewis

Kendrick Avant Interviews: DeShontay Lewis

Who is she…

She is my sister-from-another-mister! We met in Fall 2020 while working for UnitedHeathcare. Two years later, I think we’re even closer. *dap*

Why I’m interviewing her…

The Queen brings an immense collection of life experiences that she can relate to anybody. I know by introducing HER to my audience, she will inspire some Queens to take next steps.

Topics we bounce around…

• 1st – We straight up play catch up

• 2nd – Her intro


• 3rd – Handling divorce 

  • BREAK 

 • 4th – Dealing with stressors, managing anxiety

 • 5th – Shattering generational trauma and HOW she does it, keeps doing it, 


• 6th – Raising kids in preparation for whatever comes next 


7th – Continue the pandemic and preparation for the next talk

ENDING part 1 of 2! Come back Thursday 4/21/22

Kendrick Avant is an Inspirational Speaker and mindset teacher flying with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. He lives mindset OVER bullshit by writing out Gratitudes every day, speaking on the power and influence of Gratitudes to improve perspectives and confidence despite disabilities or limitations. For more on the how and WHY Kendrick Avant, click this sentence.

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