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I WISH someone took the time, energy, something, anything to help me navigate the depression and thoughts of worthlessness as my body deteriorates. More than money, more than the latest hope of a disease-modifying drug, I needed routines, practices, actions, testimonies of self-care, self-love and the power of Gratitude Journaling to face fears. I needed tools to help myself.

Why YOU need a Gratitude Journal. (I damn sure did but didn’t think it worked. *lights funny cigarette*

The nights and days can get ugly when you’re dealing with chronic pain, physical limitations, unemployment and do not have any healthcare. You do what you can for the kids, maybe get them on Medicaid or something. After that, life and things get dark. There are days I struggle getting to the bathroom so much that I am crying in frustration. There are nights I can’t sleep longer than 30min because the Multiple Sclerosis spasms are too frequent and violent. 

Then, comes the real issues. As my body rapidly deteriorates, I am eternally gifted with negative thoughts of the family, friends, my circumstances, and whatever life is promised for a bedbound, dependent person. (Just writing these everyday fears brings tears and increases my symptoms.) 

◾ Have my kids lost respect for a Daddy without a job, who can’t walk? Hell, will my wife get sick of this and leave for peace?

I’m cool being alone but will anyone ever actually hang with me?

Can’t they see how much worse I’m getting? 

How bad will this get next week?

I am worthless. What use am I to anybody like this?

I don’t want to keep going.

I proudly present the required textbook for mindset OVER bullshit University!!

• intentions

• calls to action

• manifestation 

• Gratitudes

• EVERY purchase includes tuition for the FULL 2022 year!

 I had to teach myself this Gratitude stuff. Nobody to guide me, show me an easier way, hold my hand as I tumbled through darkness and confusion. Now, I’m 4 years deep on Gratitude Journals. Now, I spend so much time actually THINKING of what to write in the Journal, I, literally & figuratively, don’t have the time, focus, or headspace to think the negative thoughts as much. (HELL of a sentence huh! *applause*) I really work these Gratitudes because it changes my perspective of shit. I can talk all day about it. I make my kids write Gratitudes when they’re bored or in trouble. I’m grateful AF for shit despite my body progressively deteriorating at ridiculous speeds. I piss myself sometimes and wanna cry being disabled AF because I can’t get to a bathroom. My youngest is 9 years old, since she was 5 years old, she’s been taught how to give me tinctures for my MS tremors. ALL my kids know and she’s had to do it the most. I don’t get disability, unemployment, SSI, Medicaid, nothing so ain’t no help to come. I learned to enjoy my life by teaching myself to love my damn self despite my disabilities, handicaps, and pain. I’m losing my sight at times but I still LOVE me. Every day, I’m healing from depression. Every day, I’m healing from chronic pain. Every day, I’m healing from the realization that nobody coming to save me.

No one in mindset OVER bullshit University will do this alone. WE grow together. WE hold each other accountable. We are BEING better.

How to order your copy!

Want an AUTOGRAPHED copy with personal messages customized to YOU? How about becoming an investor?

I have an idea for investors. We spend intentional time together over 3 days (30m). You’re learning love language, yoga, meditation, manifestation, learning style, brain hemisphere, specific analogies, music analysis, and more. At the conclusion of those 3 days, I will design a Gratitude Journal for people aligned with your experiences, inspirations, and goals. Then, you receive 30% of the sales from YOUR journal for one, full year. THIRTY. *mind blown* I know, I know, I know. We gotta meet up and discuss THAT kind of shit. Weeeeeeeell, let’s meet up then! *dap*

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