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Gratitude Journal Day #617: Sunday, 5/8/22

5.) Blog therapy – I started this blog as allthingsonelove. It was where I wrote about “all things I love” as therapy for Multiple Sclerosis. Everywhere I go, I’m taking it with me. As I’ve shifted, grown, pivoted, it does too. Right now, the Gratitude Journal is my therapy because I deal with bullshit. Writing and talking about what I’m scared of gives ME the strength and courage to keep going. You’re not supposed to mix your personal feelings with business but I AM the business so mix I shall.

4.) Me & Tyler – ALL I’ll say is this, me and Tyler are setting up a freaking Multiple Sclerosis retreat in Los Cielos, PERU. 👏🏽👏🏽. We have Wednesday 11am rooms planned for Clubhouse, rewards for room attendance, discounts, ohhhhh! This is a real thing. This is going to help people. Not just MS’ers, not just my speaking business but the family and friends, those precious caregivers will learn. I can’t wait to get started!

3.) Got the ants off my desk – Whew! Welp, no more eating at the desk, snacking in bed, etc. It is a LOT more comfortable to do my thizzle without those black things all over the spot.

2.) Couple homies reached out – I’ve talked openly about the stress & fear to exactly THREE homies. By the third, I think, I hope that I’m all cried out for awhile. I appreciate each taking time, making plans to console me. I’m aware none of these is over; conscious to the fact every time I tell, write, think, imagine my future, my spasms & symptoms immediately worsen. I’m done and forging forward with their affirmations.

1.) mindset OVER bullshit University back up!

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