Kendrick offers 1-hour Inspirational Speeches

Inspirational Speaking (1hour) $2,499

What is it

A 1-hour presentation aimed at changing the perspective and mindset of an audience towards gratitude and self-improvement. 80% percent of an individual’s thoughts are negative; by reducing that number to 69%, we spark over 1,200 positive thoughts. These positive thoughts are the goal as positive thoughts encourage a plethora of benefits like lower rates of depression, lower levels of distress, increased resiliency, and better psychological well-being. 

The central theme of my Gratitude Presentation is daily gratitude journaling. Leaders can ingrain these benefits into the fabric of the day and the culture of the environment. Gratitude journals prioritize mental health, increase participation, illuminate leadership qualities and improve employer-employee relationships. Once the invitees overstand the importance of consistent gratitude journaling, I walk attendees down an array of mindset tools determined best by the time and ability of the audience to participate and practice with me.

I deliver high-energy talks, and stories that focus on the power of gratitude changing perspective and culture. Taking attendees through the low points of my health struggles and financial ruin to the entrepreneurial spirit that wheelchairs in different countries, I exemplify how expressing gratitude for what’s in front of you, overstanding your why, reduces the negative thoughts and creates confidence. Attendees in leadership positions will be awarded printed Gratitude Journals but ALL attendees will receive my ebook and audiobook, If you can’t GET better, BE better: Survivor’s Blueprint. I will meet with 10 attendees for life coaching & tools that elevate mindset over limiting beliefs. One is awarded an interview on my pocast podcast and a full blog article!

How I diversify for different audiences! (all 5 receive 50% discount from speaking services!)

It is absolutely necessary to diversity the message of gratitude. I tailor the speeches to fit the audience. Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, Spondylosis, Ulcerative Colitis, and other health issues have a hidden benefit. I possess the amazing ability to relate to the pain and situations of others. My sympathy reached such a level, I developed a philosophy of talking to others, asking questions, and listening to their unique perspectives and stories.

It is this gift that illuminates my voice, giving backbone and substance to my talks. It is this gift connecting me to the audience and listeners. I speak to the power of gratitude journaling, the differences between being grateful and showing gratitude, and the passion ignited by self-care. Below, I provide insight into how I adapt to each audience.

For hospice

My personal issues with healthcare and chronic illness grant me the insight necessary to reach this audience. My speeches are grounded making best use of the present time, overstanding communicating with those closest to you for maximum life.

For retirement communities

Spondylolysis is similar to arthritis of the spine. Coupled with wheelchair limitations, memory issues, cognitive deficiencies, and a ridiculous urgency for all bathrooms, I am equipped to connect with that audience. I focus on appreciating the good around you, building something from the materials and skills you’ve earned.

For hospitals

The effects of positive thinking are widely known. How do we transition, change, and shift our minds from chronic illness, chronic pain (Yes, there is definitive difference between the two!) to one of positivity? I use the gratitude journal, pull the why from events and occurrences to ingrain the good things in my memory. I talk to my water based on the writings of Masuro Emoto and build habits that give positive energy and thoughts.

For sports

With younger people, the message is clear. We must use this time now, while we have what little control we have, to set ourselves up for greatness. I explain the mistakes that haunt me to this very day, poor diet, little physical activity, and extreme disregard for communicating with teammates, family, and friends.

For schools

The youth of this generation are assaulted with technology. What is missing is their story, their love language, their overstanding of self-care, and how to improve their self-image. I tailor to this audience by building my speeches to accommodate these needs.

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