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Documentary Review: Our Father (Netflix, 2022)

What we thought

First, the Queen’s quote.

“This is not what I expected at all. It’s bad but damn. That’s a lot.”

Second, my thoughts.

“Daaaaaaaawg. 🤯. This shit was mind-blowing, complex, a complete psychological thriller of the highest proportion.”

The gist…

A top, nationally known fertility doctor is found to have 94 kids. He never told anyone what he was doing

What left us talking were the unanswered questions, prison sentencing and moral issues.

• The women got their kids, from a medical brain father. Yup, the health issues are fucked up but as a parent, I’m not returning my child over health problems.

• The prison sentence. WTF?

• Can he be hit with child support?

• How he is alive? I feel he is protected by the same community he infected.

Final review grade:

88 of 100. B+

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