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Gratitude Journal Day #626: Tuesday, 5/17/22

3.) Switching power cords worked – It was looking pretty ugly. One of the kids laptops wasn’t charging. She ain’t gotta phone yet soooo yeah. Luckily, another kid had broken her in Ecuador. She still had a charger and that’s all it needed. #whew. I do not want those problems!

2.) Yesterday’s room was awesome – It really was despite a small gathering. Hector showed up and hung out giving me tips and affirmations on my business. One of my shining moments is this week, work I’ve done, lessons I learned, and attitude I’m giving. Hector saw all that and gave me props on each. I’m crunk for Day #2

1.) CH room is all mine – Today, I wanna talk about Candy, a Hulu documentary. We can hit on Our Father too. What’s the purpose? Building a community!

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