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Gratitude Journal Day #635: Friday, 5/27/22

3.) No more J-O-B hunting! – None. I’m sick of answering for unknown callers, hoping it’s that one offering you a gig. I can’t even finish my work because I’m applying and responding so much. I need to stop and continue grinding up my business but paying bills is kinda crucial to one’s survival. I’m just grateful to get my time and energy back because the three of us have big plans.

2.) I gotta J-O-B! – I can’t hold it. I’m hired!

1.-PROVED my manifestation! – I did not just get a J-O-B. I manifested it. I talked about it. I wrote about it. I recorded myself saying I got it. When we slipped off to Whiskey Cake, I repeated that my early celebration. I BELIEVED I was getting a J-O-B. That whole process paid off a full day early and today, I’m celebrating all weekend!

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