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Gratitude Journal Day #639: Tuesday, 5/31/22

3.) Cleaned my board – Yuuuuup. Last day of May 22. We are officially in mid-year tomorrow and I’m walking into it READY. A clean board means I got space for new agendas & priorities. My details are getting better by the month! 😉

2.) Ate my salmon with a spoon! – It was THAT damn good. Nope, not soupy. Yup, skin had that SNAP and crusty bite to open things up. There was plenty for me to feel full. My brother did an amazing job and he’s consistent. ❤️👨🏾‍🍳

1.) Liquor can be DELIVERED finally! – Yooo! S/O to Uber Eats and my local Zipp’s Liquor Store. I don’t care about the delivery fee, gas price, tip well and glow with my blessing. Less asking others, less dependability, more independence, more control (all of those ARE different!). I enjoyed TF outta my holiday because for the first time in years, I chose my drank, mixer, made it and watched myself so I wouldn’t be too suspect for falling. #boom

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