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Gratitude Journal Day #643: Saturday, 6/4/22

Self care Saturday!

3.) Ringlight still works – Dude. The drama and antics of Multiple Sclerosis got me again. 🤦🏾‍♂️. I was minding my BID-ness, making videos and doing my thizzle. It fell. Now, it falls a lot. Getting it properly balanced can beeeee…. Look, it falls a lot. When it fell yesterday, I just knew that cracking sound was it breaking. It did but it still works. Maybe even better without a cover!

2.) Woke up to Red Bull & vodka – It. Is. Going. DOWN! Starting early and keeping a buzz all day. I’m finna enjoy this Saturday, get OUTSIDE, fans charged and laughing at everything.

1.) PASSED MY DRUG SCREEN – Maaaaaaan, typing words can’t express my joy! I can help pay bills, put kids in summer activities and of course, pay for promotions and marketing!

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