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Gratitude Journal Day #647: Wednesday, 6/8/22

3.) Lakers coaching hires – I was impressed that the Lakers rolled with Darvin Ham as head coach of a very veteran team. I remember him as a fierce defender and dunker. He can talk game to anybody just from experience.

Darvin Ham is a former player & 1st time head coach

That Rasheed Wallace hire? Freaking LOVE it. I respect Wallace so much and loved his game as a kid. The Lakers and Ham are putting together a staff that can challenge ANYBODY. Russ shooting less and playing better D. Anthony staying healthy. LeBron sit TF back. Yup, I’m digging it. That could be a move earning my attention and giving me something to chill, relax with. An endeavor of entertainment. 🏀

Does Rasheed Wallace need an intro?! 🙏🏽

2.) Day 2 was better than day 1! – I admit. The anxiety I was building exploded on the camera. I’m the last one to finish stuff in my team, last of all trainees, hiding disabilities and busting my ass to be friendly, be me. I go frustrated over something small (could figure out Teams from the Citrix workspace to the regular internet. There were multiple groups talking, multiple instructions, multiple screens and I cracked. The supervisors took it all in stride, assured me, called, texted, waited and checked back. Whoa. Wow. I’m not used to that kinda treatment. It sure opened my eyes to this being a career move, not a J-O-B. That is… I wasn’t expecting this and somehow it aligns with my needs and wants. *taps chest* This has suddenly become more than an opportunity, it’s become a blessing.

1.) Talked to wife for an hire+ – I know what you’re thinking.

It’s your wife. Of course, y’all talk an hour+. Y’all have kids, bills.

True but we talked about how much I’m digging this career move. We chopped on doing stuff with the people we’re around. We laughed at antics and stories. We flirted and made plans. We did all this and I had high school energy! I’m grateful for all that. That shows what’s possible. That is exactly what I’m creating, building. A life where we do stuff like this on a regular basis, travel, have fun, talk to each other, brag about one another, overstand weaknesses and compliment strengths. That was good shit and the crew returns TONIGHT.

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