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Gratitude Journal Day #649: Friday, 6/10/22

I know what y’all need!

3.) She rescheduled – She is a fellow CH’er (Clubhouser, person I met on the Clubhouse app). She wants an interview to discuss wellness, mindshare and Body Type System. All of that sounds good AF to me! We were supposed to meet Wednesday but I missed it due to career responsibilities. She took it in stride and rescheduled which gives me a serious boost of self worth. 🤜🏽🤛🏽

2.) S/O to my SUSTA – *bows* I have exactly ONE person regularly checking my FB for reels and liking them. That one person may be enough to push me into a FB-Reels-Payday!

1.) Sins of the Amish – DAWG. This documentary earned the title of most fucked shit I’ve heard or seen. Dr. Death is still the scariest but this…. I’m grateful it gave the Queen and I something to watch and talk about. I’m grateful it gives me something as ammo as for King’s News or What I learned too. Shit like this must be spread.

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