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Gratitude Journal Day #650: Saturday, 6/11/22

Self-care Saturday!

3.) Oooooo…

Call me WHAT-eva but I wasn’t a church kid. I remember wondering why the pictures looked so different (black vs white). I wondered why so much evil allowed. The stories didn’t make sense that so much happened THEN but nothing now.

When diagnosed with a chronic illness, I needed answers, deserved answers. Church couldn’t provide answers. Church shamed me for even having questions.

I found Omnism and shit suddenly made sense. Omnism introduced meditation, deeper thinking and left me with a self-worth.

I’m THE savior for me.
I’m THAT King on the 1s and 2s.
Church didn’t give me a route to find myself, start my transformation.

Omnism did that and I’m stronger, prouder than I’ve EVER been.

omnist #bebetter #gratitudejournal #selfcare

2.) Date Day!!!! – Yaaaaaay! Grateful to get OUT the house. Grateful to get sunlight. Grateful to do this on MY dime and impress myself.

1.) I’m STILL getting requests, likes & follows from ONE talk! – BOOM! 💥💥💥.

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