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Gratitude Journal Day #660: Tuesday, 6/21/22

Self-care Tracker (Monday): This is how serious I am about BEING better. Putting myself on blast. 🤜🏽🤛🏽

Yoga – 1

Meditation – 1

Water – 60oz

Manifestation – D14

3.) My shit started working – Bruh. I went 5 of 8 hours without access to the training sessions or materials. Not good, high pressure. We had a timed test and I couldn’t participate in class all day plus missed hours on Thursday & Friday.

That’s why I’m grateful shit started working! Yup, passed my test too so I can advance towards commissions. 👏🏽👏🏽

2.) I can bring my own leads – Great news because I’m doing so much connecting and building. I’ll have opportunities to money just by being me!

1.) Being honest about my jealousy issues – I admit it. I was so jealous I set myself backwards in health! Spasms, spasticity, complete loss of leg movement, I almost started crying. It’s crazy, I know. Being disabled totally limits your physical movement. Limited movement leads to less interaction with others. That’s some hardcore shit, listening to conversations and fun you literally can’t get to. It suuuuucks but something you gotta learn to manage.

My wife accepted everything I had to say. She listened, made eye contact and expressed she overstood where I coming from. She really did. “Okay, what can we do, can I do, to help? I don’t want you ever feeling like you can’t hang.

There’s nothing she can do but how she handled me was everything. I’m well aware that how I feel is human. I’m well aware of strategies and tools to manage my thoughts when jealousy arrives. I must IMPROVE using them because damn it, the disabilities, limitations, chronic pain, freakin chronic illness ain’t going nowhere.

I have to do this growth on my own.

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