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Gratitude Journal Day #668: Thursday, 6/30/22

Isn’t this the LAST day of June 2022? Y’all better do something with it!

Self-care Stats

Yoga – 1

Water – 25oz

Manifestation – Day 7?

Meditation – 1

3.) Celebrate 7 CONSECUTIVE days of self-care! – Yuuuuup. The streak has officially RE-started and this will help with spasticity, sleep, mood, everything.

2.) mindset OVER bullshit is now available on Twitter 11am! – Twitter is used by people over the age of 50. The employers that hire speakers or over the age of 50. (These are general conclusions that I’ve created from reading the social media trends of 2022. 👀) Let’s allow them to see a daily show geared towards gratitude Journaling as a preventative measure for abandonment.

1.) mindset OVER bullshit is coming to FB 11am!– We’ve done it before as a LIVE event. Now, I’m returning as pre-recorded show. Most of my viewers, listeners and readers catch me on desktop. I figure, “let’s bring the show to them”. #growth

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