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Gratitude Journal Day #688: Wednesday, 7/20/22

Self-care Stats

Yoga – 1

Meditation – 1

Water -60+oz

Manifestation – 4

5.) Glad member got help – Let me start here. Member needed immediate attention and got it. *whew* I’m grateful because I did NOT want a blemish this early.

4.) S/O to the homie for talking me down TWICE already – King works with me and had to calm me after episodes twice. I’m grateful this time because I learned a lot AFTER my health issue calmed down.

3.) Cool WHO she caught a ride with – Grateful she saving a little gas. (It comes a shared account so I’m paying gas without driving. 🤣🤣)

2.) Found a dry towel! – Okay. I washed towels but didn’t dry them properly. Grateful I, ME, got the only dry towel. I needed a shower the most!

1.) No serious injury or scratches – Yaaaaay! It’s pretty obvious huh? 😉🤣

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