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mindset OVER bullshit w/ Kendrick Avant: Day 80 of 90: Monday, 8/2/22

mindset OVER bullshit w/ Kendrick Avant: Day 80 of 90: Tuesday, 8/2/22

Every day, I’m living a life of gratitude, modeling how to BE better despite chronic pain, illness, disabilities and negative thoughts. This has resulted in a positive attitude that announces my patience, intentions & commands attention. I didn’t START with this Inner G (pronounced “energy”). Nooo, I am building myself as I adapt to the consistent challenges of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

mindset OVER bullshit is grounded in sharing the successes, struggles and shenanigans of one King with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I’m bouncing around the globe virtually, meeting people on Clubhouse (CH), Wisdom app, FB audio, OTHER people’s podcasts and shows just to gather insight and sprinkle tools of mindset OVER bullshit. 

  • Listen to learn tips for managing trifling kis’ behavior. 
  • Laugh as friends and family share personal stories that highlight entrepreneurship & influence. 
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Kendrick Avant, Agent of Gratitude, is a certified Life Coach & former Character Education teacher. He offers NO CHARGE resources to initiate tools of mindset OVER bullshit at home, in relationships and at the workplace. For anyone looking to invest in the mental health of others and create cultures of Gratitude, schedule your NO CHARGE consultation here.

Benefits include but not limited to:  

– reduce turnaround

– improve efficiency

– authentic communication

– infuse a culture of positivity

Topics for 8/2/22

► Tip: wearing joggers for wheelchair bound people

*bows*: S/O to people that are bed bound

Intention: Be honest on Taco Bout It Tuesday 

Call To Action: edit the We.HOP interview 

Lesson: Samsung has 1year warranty on compressor

King’s Care: buy a vape pen

King’s News: SPAR podcast is coming back!

Goal:  get neurologist referral 

King’s Thoughts: Define T.H.U.G. as trying hard under guidance/gratitude.

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