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Gratitude Journal Day #706: Monday, 8/8/22

Self-care Stats

Yoga – 30

Manifestation – Day 15

Water – ZERO! WTF do I think I am? This ain’t vacation! 👀🤦🏾‍♂️

Meditation – 10min!!!!

3.) Son’s UNused exercise equipment – I don’t like recording in the garage because angles are terrible, plus it’s hot AF. The box his stuff came gives me a better height on the camera so recording is a little better now. #boom

2.) That Wisdom talk – Doing it felt good. Posting it heals. I mean, I’m accepting of my reality and developing my story. I’m already an author, a podcast host, blogger, entrepreneur, life coach. Everything I experience enhances my story. 💪🏽

1.) DoorDash gift card – 👏🏽👏🏽. I got it a month ago. Let me teeeeell you what I bought. RED BULLS to enjoy my vodka. Damn sure did. Fell asleep with a strong buzz AND got one left.

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