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Gratitude Journal Day #742: Thursday, 9/15/22

Dream Log! (Yup. This is another tool to keep your mindset OVER bullshit.)

Self-care Stats x1

Yoga – 30

Meditation – 5min

Water – 30oz

Manifestation – Day 1

Self-talk – B

Standing yoga poses – 2

Sleep – 5/2 (hours vs getting out of bed)

3.) Got all my editing done! – Almost. I learned that I can’t pre-record more than 5 episodes. I’m cool with that because doing 7 episodes in a day was 7hrs of work. No more! 🫣

2.) No dinner BUT I had vodka! – Say something, I DARE you! Ya boi is not hurting nearly as bad, bowels moving, water running. Leave my wellness alone.πŸ˜‰

1.) All I gotta do is self-care to start my day! – πŸ’₯! Even pre-corded this entry. I’m grateful because now I have better chance of actually DOING all the self-care, dream log.

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