Gratitude Journal Day #757: Friday, 9/30/22

Dream Log! (Yup. This is another tool to keep your mindset OVER bullshit.)

No dreams.

Self-care Stats x1 (Trying it a new way.)

Yoga – 12poses but I’m doing it 3x

Meditation – 5min

Water –

Manifestation – Day

Self-talk – B

Standing yoga poses – 2

Sleep – 5/4 (hours vs getting out of bed)

3.) I predicted a sale! – I kept saying in my head, “my last call is a sale”. It’s already happened twice then again last night. THREE. I’ll fuck around and see a specialist early with this budding activity.

2.) Hocus Pocus 2 party! – I’m not going but I sure appreciate the party. It gives my wife & daughter somewhere to go.

1.) kid #4 had tooth pulled – 💥. Now, she’ll be able to sleep on a more consistent basis.

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