A Gratitude Journal for Wheelchair Users

 I tell stories of Gratitude so others, wheelchair-bound and aggressively self-caring, can keep their mindset OVER bullshit. WE are often overlooked and rarely the focus of any campaigns to improve our mental health. WE struggle, surrounded by friends and family, confused on how to help, listen, comfort us. It’s those Tribespeople I speak to, speak with and speak for. Those Tribespeople, I open my show, channel and heart to. Those Tribespeople that sincerely overstand life is perspective and negative thoughts can be managed through stories of Gratitude. 

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A Gratitude Journal for Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that can strip individuals of their independence, mobility and ability to think clearly. The consistent barrage of nerve pain and a newfound inability to sleep triggers negative thinking and poor perspective.

I manage this with a gratitude journal. The power comes from writing the stories of WHY you’re grateful, noi what. It is scientifically impossible to hold a negative thought and positive thought simultaneously. By taking the action of writing your story, you are acttively choosing better thoughts. This creates a process, builds resilience as individuals spend intentional time and energy writing their stories.

I reinforce this activity with a YouTube channel, podcast and blog dedicated to daily shares of my gratitude stories. I do this because I wish someone accepted the challenge with me. The challenge to BE better despite bullshit.

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