Kendrick’s story

This is only here because it’s either entertaining or educational. *bows* I’m growing exponentially in confidence and swagger. The website itself is designed to highlight this very fact so that I may build this dream career of traveling and speaking about the healing powers of Gratitude. Until then, *winks* and after, I will always keep a section for these shenanigans and lessons.

How Gratitude Journals reduce negative thoughts

I push gratitude journals as a tool of mindset. It’s a bona-fide method to improve your perspective, improve parenting and improve relationships. Struggling with feelings of abandoned? A gratitude journal reduces the sheer number of thoughts because you’re pondering and captivated by the activity. Is your handicap, disability, chronic illness threatening to overload your mental …

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Kendrick using a walker

You’re wondering how a damn gratitude journal helps with physical therapy? 🤜🏾🤛🏾 I used to wonder as well. 🫣 Now, I know. Writing those stories out will seep into your words. You talk about your stories out loud. Your therapist gets crunk to see YOU. ♿️ As you struggle through motions & exercises, you actually …

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