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I do NOT motivate people to do better. I inspire Tribespeople to BE better.

I am the Multiple Sclerosis Outlaw | Agent of Gratitude | Disabled but… (podcast)

If you can’t GET better, BE better: Survivor’s Blueprint for Multiple Sclerosis (<–link to purchase)

It has the 9 steps I’ve taken to change my perspective with this illness, diet, yoga, meditation, social media, mantras, and of course, that Gratitude Journal. I’m crazy about it because since I’ve started, I saved my marriage, manage the depression, find money around the house, talk to my daughters about boys, laugh more, everything. I’m even setting up that FB Group so I can do it live with folks and really show what I brag about! Please, share this ebook with anyone you feel can use it. I just wanna help everyone else because YOU already know, chronic illness is life-changing like a mug! *fist bump & BIG hug*

If you can’t GET better, BE better: Survivor’s Blueprint Audiobook

Available by CashApp or PayPal! Send the $3.00 charge to the appropriate username.

CashApp: $KendrickAvant

PayPal: agentofgratitude

PLEASE leave your email as the note/comment and I will email the mp3 file.

If you can’t GET better, BE better: A 90-day Gratitude Journal (<–link to purchase)

Research shows that regular journaling of Gratitude results in 5% – 15% increases in optimism. This 90-day Gratitude Journal is the greatest tool in your box of authenticity. Bursting with the author’s own personal stories of Gratitude over the years, wellness, quotes, health tips, examples, and instructions, it allows one to track growth by writing THREE Gratitudes every day. The intent and purpose of this activity is to install a new habit of recognizing and being present for the GOOD things in your life now. Creating this habit leads to the accountability of your personal happiness and perspective. As your habit builds, you spend more time being Grateful, less time in despair of disabilities, handicaps or illnesses. The concentration on being grateful for now, transforms areas of weaknesses into foundations of strength!

Kendrick Avant’s T-Shirt and Hoodie Store (<–link to the online store of my designs and phrases)

Kendrick Avant’s T-shirt and Hoodie Store (<–link to the online store of my designs and phrases)

Disabled BUT… (<–link to the podcast)

Podcast for those THRIVING beyond Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (or ANY chronic illness *winks*)and NO healthcare. This podcast is centered on the exploits and shenanigans of ME, my Family and whoever is brave enough to roll with us.

Inspirational Talks (<–example)

I give Inspirational Talks on Gratitude, it’s power, effects and the steps that Tribespeople should pay attention to.

Guided Gratitude Walkthrough (<–link to FB Group)

PRIVATE Facebook Group in which I share thoughts, statistics, experience and urge others to complete their first 90 days. Members are encouraged to participate and find methods that push their ability to THRIVE beyond chronic illness.

Mentoring (<–blog post)

As I grow with my Gratitude Journal, I am dedicated to spreading the knowledge and good vibes. To do so, I reach out to other Kings, hoping to start a Marco Polo feed of us sharing Gratitudes, parenting tips, relationship advice and of course, pushing each other to start independent businesses.

Reviews & Recommendations

I will write an outstanding, honest recommendation or review of your products and services or Ambassadorships (Partnerships, sharing of commissions earned from the sales and customers I sent to your business). Recommendations & reviews of your product/service are my authentic assessment of what you want to be reviewed. Your business receives the increased visibility but doesn’t have to manage or track commissions, sales, etc. If interested, please contact us for a consultation!

5-star Recommendation for HELLO LLC

5-star Ambassadorship w/

Yup. I can share what I do. Let’s go.
Everyday since 2019 and learning more as I go. I can at least START you.

FREE yoga/meditation consultations (<–YouTube examples)

I’ve blogged on the advantages and benefits of yoga/meditation. My YouTube is littered with my testimonies to the healing effects and the breathing technique 6-3-9 (Breathe in 6 seconds, hold it 3 seconds and blow out for 9 seconds). Please, schedule a  consultation and allow me to walk you through the actions of meditating, counting, and remaining focused on your thoughts. With yoga, we move at a deliberate, pointed pace as I am disabled and exemplify poses for those of a similar Tribe.

Freestyle Writing

For busy students or professionals, we offer our stellar, writing services to ease the burden on your shoulders. From literary pieces and projects to manuals, resumes, instructions, lesson plans, administrative requirements, you will have access to our unique perspectives, opinions, graduate degrees, and decades of experience wrestling parenting and life. Please contact us for a consultation of our services!

M.Y.C.O.W. (<–2 part blog explanation)

Manage Your Child’s Online Work is my unique tutorial that incorporates student rewards for book reports, meeting academic goals, and showcasing behavioral growth. Students learn their learning style, brain hemisphere, key educational analogies in an A.V.I.D. approach that earned me Teacher of the Year.

Book a free consultation today.