FULL YEAR TUITION for mindset OVER bullshit University


Purchase your FULL tuition for mindset OVER bullshit University and receive the invite to the exclusive, PRIVATE, Zoom for those grinding to BE better parents, lovers, and leaders. I led daily sessions of gratitude journaling so that others are inspired, educated, and entertained through conscious, dedicated practice of recognizing and appreciating Gratitude. Over the course of 5 weeks, we have 19 scheduled, private Zoom sessions, 30-45min to address your most disruptive thoughts. Through these and subsequent participation in daily gratitude journaling, you will have fewer negative thoughts.


2022 is moving QUICKLY but it is NOT too late to start the journey towards BEING better. Every day, I led the University in Gratitude exercises, setting goals and intentions, knowing value, identifying your call to action, building in self-care routines and news worthy of stopping the “scrolling“. On weekends, there are scheduled crash courses over love language, analogies, yoga, manifestation, and more. mindset OVER bullshit University is the most interactive Gratitude Journal you will experience!

What it is…

mindset OVER bullshit University is a virtual university for those managing chronic illness, physical limitations, terrified of living without healthcare and searching for holistic solutions. Here, you will receive the daily lessons and leadership you need from someone that overstands the situation. Glow and grow with a community of like-minded individuals facing adventure, heads up. We will not suffer abandonment. We will deny imposter syndrome. We rebuke negative thoughts to hunt a lifestyle of gratitude and be our best selves.


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