Gorilla Daddy League: Season 2, Week 1. A new user enters the fray…

Well, well, well. Here we are. Ready to take year 2 and topple the current champion, Coach Summers and those fast ass RAVENS. Yuuuuuup. Let me stop and give kudos to a user that did shit righteous all season. He wrote a story or 2. He sent pictures and videos. The man even compliments others after he wrecks their whole Madden presence. I can’t lie. As a reporter, blogger and freaking user, I am impressed. *tips hat* Hell, I’m so impressed that I’m remixing my whole team in preparation of him and his homie.

Introducing the Washington Football Team and Coach Matt! 😑🤤

“F you and your stupid league. My friend invited me.”

I mean… JESUS FREAKING CHRIST! Who steps into a league and does shit like THIS to start?! 86! Daaaaaawg. I get it tho. He wants to ensure his rookie QB, Justin Fields, gets ALL the offensive awards and develops into a dream, X-factor, UNDER 25, costing him nothing. I KNOW because the AZ Cardinals had same plan for this year too! 😂😂😂 It’s is 3 confirmed cheezers in GDL now. (Cheezers are users with 3 “Tecmo Bowl” plays to whiiiiiizuup the CPU for unrealistic stats. *looks at Coach Beast and McDougal*

You can tell this guy is a cheezer and other stuff too. Look at his “hidden” selections! Dude OBVIOUSLY knew how the picks turned out and came ready to abuse the system. Never spoke to anybody in chat. Didn’t ask rules, NOTHING. Entered with cheeze and cheat skills on FULL display!

AZ Cardinals tried its BEST to keep up with the cheese…

Let’s just say they tried and leave it there. Tried their lil, red, engine-that-could, hearts out but NAW. The run cheese couldn’t compete with pass cheese. AZ is in the midst of a rebuild on the go. They don’t wanna tank for draft picks so they’re stuck in the middle roads. Murray, Chandler and Hopkins are on the block. The offense is shifting from a pistol, QB-centric look to a more run based, whole team look.

Quick thoughts around the league:

I’m the new champ but I’m still improving and learning how everything in this league. Shot out the Vikings for that Super Bowl!

Maaaaan. I been busy and got out of rhythm. Hell, I’m busy this year even more.

Who won the Super Bowl?

I didn’t like that ending but we on the right track. ALL we gotta do is get the QB right.

😑 Dude. I barely even play.

How to be our 8th user!

Basically, READ the freaking rules and hit me up on something, FB, IG, Tw, whatever. My PSN is Levar_Chase. We only need a NFC South user. Any team but gotta be NFC South.

League Rules and Stuff…

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